Welcome to the New Summit County Skywarn Page! Skywarn Operational Frequencies have changed! We are now operating on 146.640 (-) as main frequency. And 147.270(+) is now backup!

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When Skywarn is activated, we operate as K8SCS on the 146.640(-) PL 110.9 Repeater. Our Backup is the 147.270(+) PL 110.9 Repeater. If both are down, we will return to 146.640 and operate on simplex. 
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Our Mission Statement
Summit County Skywarn is committed to
assisting the National Weather Service (Cleveland) by gathering severe weather "ground truth" observations and reports, utilizing amateur radio and all other means necessary to obtain accurate and timely information in Summit County, 
Ohio and supplying this information 
to the National Weather Service.
NWS Skywarn Training 
You don't have to be an Amateur Radio Operator to listen in on a Skywarn Net, just click the app on the left and see what goes on in the World of "Ham Radio" 

Even if there is no severe weather going on, you can still get a peek of what goes on in the "Ham World" by clicking the button on the app. The repeaters are running 24 / 7 with lots of activity to hear. So, C'mon! Don't be shy! Click the button!
Tue, July 23, 2024
Icon Filled SVG 06:13 | Icon Filled SVG 20:51
Icon Filled SVG TEMP: 68 ℉
Icon Filled SVG WIND: 5 mph
Icon Filled SVG HUMIDITY: 88 %
Icon Filled SVG RAIN: 0 mm
Icon Filled SVG SNOW: 0 mm
Weather Icon Filled SVG
clear sky

Wed, 24.07

Icon Filled SVG 06:14
Icon Filled SVG 20:50
Weather Icon Filled SVG
moderate rain
TEMP: 83 ℉
WIND: 13 mph
RAIN: 5 mm
SNOW: 0 mm

Thu, 25.07

Icon Filled SVG 06:15
Icon Filled SVG 20:49
Weather Icon Filled SVG
moderate rain
TEMP: 76 ℉
WIND: 11 mph
RAIN: 4 mm
SNOW: 0 mm

Fri, 26.07

Icon Filled SVG 06:16
Icon Filled SVG 20:48
Weather Icon Filled SVG
clear sky
TEMP: 77 ℉
WIND: 9 mph
RAIN: 0 mm
SNOW: 0 mm

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